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Mormon Hand Cart


Our Mormon Hand Cart used by westward pioneers is fairly close to the original design except this one has steel hubs with bearings. You may choose wood hubs at no additional cost. Wood hubs will not have bearings although the cart will still roll short distances. If you desire to use it in parades or shows, we would suggest the steel hubs and bearings for a smoother ride. You may also want to add rubber to the two wheels which can be chosen at the drop down menu below. This cart will be shipped as unfinished so that you can stain or paint it to your specific needed color. The Mormon cart will also need to be partially assembled upon arrival. A fun project to get the family involved with.

• Mormon Cart Box bed is 4 feet x 4 feet with a 1 foot deep wall
• It has a 1” Solid steel Roller bearing Axle
• Total length is 8 1/2 feet Long with pull and push handle

2) 48 inch wheels with 1 1/4 inch spokes, 1 1/8 inch rims with 1 1/8 inch steel rims (unless rubber is chosen below)
1) 1 inch square axle 64 inches long with bearings (unless wood hub is chosen below)
1) precut poplar wood parts for assembly

The Handcart Pioneers

Thousands of immigrants from England and Wales who joined the trek west took on a new form of transportation to Salt Lake City. They couldn't afford wagons after leaving their homeland, so they pulled handcarts. The human-powered handcarts, which were envisioned by Brigham Young, proved to be one of the most brilliant and tragic experiments in all western migration.

Iowa City was the end for the west-bound railroad in 1856. It was here that the convert emigrants were outfitted with handcarts to begin their trek. With nearly empty carts they made good time across Iowa to Council Bluffs. Here they acquired the remaining provisions for their long march.

The Handcart history

This was a human-powered wagon, really a wooden wheelbarrow of sorts. Although modifications in design were adapted as experience tutored, the standard handcart "box" measured three-feet by four-feet, with eight-inch walls, centered over a single axle with wagon-style wheels. From the front box of the handcart extended a cross bar against which the person pulling could lean into the load and pull. Some handcarts were covered with a bow-frame canvas assembly. Fully loaded, a handcart could hold around 500 pounds of provisions and possessions. Frequently even this amount became onerous, and belongings were abandoned all along the trail.Mormon Hand Cart used by westward pioneers

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Item Number: Mormon Hand Cart

Price: $1,200.00


steel hub

steel or rubber tire


  • Mormon Cart Box bed is 4 feet x 4 feet with a 1 foot deep wall
  • It has a 1” Solid steel Roller bearing Axle
  • Total length is 8 1/2 feet Long with pull and push handle
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